Spa & Wellness

The best way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate yourself by getting away from the stress of daily life is to discover spa treatments.Our spa treatments are offered as personalized services by our expert therapists. Each care session is carefully designed according to the needs and preferences of our guests. Massages, facials, body scrubs, massage therapies and more offer a wellness and peaceful experience.

Our Turkish bath sessions allow guests to leave all their stress behind and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Our hammam, with high ceilings and elegant marble decoration, offers an environment filled with warm stones and soft light. This is the perfect place to relieve the tiredness of the day and revitalize your soul.

It is furnished with natural wood materials and illuminated with natural light, creating a warm and inviting environment. Going to a sauna regularly increases overall health and fitness, while also providing relaxation and mental focus.

It is equipped with a variety of exercise equipment suitable for athletes of all levels. Cardio machines, free weights, resistance machines and more offer our guests different workout options.

Our pool, located within the Spa & Wellness area, offers indoor comfort while enjoying the pool, with its spacious atmosphere and natural light coming from the glass windows illuminating the pool area.

(100 m²)