You can spend time all day long in the quiet atmosphere of the lobby bar, make new friends and taste our delicious drinks while chatting with your loved ones.

Its spacious and colorful decoration offers an atmosphere that almost everyone will enjoy. Modern and comfortable seating arrangements provide the perfect environment for pleasant conversations with friends or loved ones.

You can choose from colorful cocktails, refreshing iced drinks, local and international beers and wines. Light snacks and appetizer plates are also available, which pair perfectly with your drinks.

Our pool bar, an indispensable address on hot days, serves its guests with refreshing drinks and a unique atmosphere.

Our palm bar, which is the perfect place to cool down and relax after a pleasant swimming experience, will allow you to experience unforgettable moments during your holiday.

Our bar, which is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the cool breezes and the sun, accompanied by the melody of the waves, offers a unique experience to its guests. It is an ideal address to spend a time filled with pleasant drinks and delicious snacks, accompanied by the calmness of the beach and the beauty of the view.

There are various options to suit every taste. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, ice-cold lemonades, refreshing smoothies and specially blended cocktails are ideal for a refreshing break by the beach. Delicious snacks like sandwiches, salads, fries and appetizers are also available.